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A Black man's unrequited 

love letter to America.


Prospect Theater Company presents

by InnissENT

a new music video now available
on Prospect's YouTube Channel

Nearly ten years ago, songwriting duo Charles and Christopher Inniss, also known as InnissENT, wrote a breakup song.  An ode to lost love, “The Answer” sat on the shelf for years, waiting for the right time to be released.  Today, their personal love song is about something much larger: the unrequited love of Black Americans for their country. 


In collaboration with award-winning choreographer Kristen Brooks Sandler, InnissENT created a socially-distanced music video spotlighting 7 dancers of color, with movement inspired by activism:  Sign, Donate, Protest, Petition.

Choreography by Kristen Brooks Sandler

Featured Dancers
J'royce Jata, Jon Joni, Maya Kitayama, Juanita Pearl, Yael Reich, Jamari Johnson Williams & Imani Youngblood


Director of Photography Sean Dolan

Premiered 8/14/20

Pictured, L to R:  Christopher Inniss, Charles Inniss

L to R top row:  Jamari Johnson Williams,  J'royce Jata
L to R bottom row:  Juanita Pearl (photo by Brittany Anikka Liu), Kristen Brooks Sandler, and (front to back) Sean Dolan, Brittany Anikka Liu, Kristen Brooks Sandler, Imani Youngblood, Charles Inniss, Christopher Inniss (photo by Liu).
Graphic courtesy of InnissENT

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