Prospect Theater Company is NYC's foremost producer of new musical theater by emerging artists.  Since 2000, we have developed and fully-produced more premieres of original musicals than any other institutional non-profit in New York City.  We provide game-changing opportunities for emerging writers, often supporting the first professional production for a writing team, which showcases their work in front of industry and press, providing tipping-point attention for new work.

We believe that new musicals need to be supported not only through readings and workshops, but fully-staged productions in front of discerning audiences, who can provide important feedback, and support a show's growth to the next level.  As such, full productions are our core programming initiative and we regularly produce two or three shows per season.

"When theater pundits talk about the future of Broadway and the new generation of composers, they’re talking about artists like Ryan Scott Oliver, a rising talent whose songs have become a staple of the cabaret and YouTube circuit. Now Off Broadway’s Prospect Theater Company is presenting one of his first full-scale musicals, Jasper in Deadland, an electrifying surge of theatrical energy that has the potential to wake up New York from its deep creative sleep." -- Entertainment Weekly