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Board of Directors


Prospect is grateful for the commitment and service of its Board Members, who generously and passionately contribute expertise, time, and resources to advancing Prospect's mission. If you are interested in Board service to the organization, please reach out to


Jane Abramson


Kyle Burkhardt Headshot 1_edited.jpg

Kyle Burkhardt


Stephanie G pic_edited.jpg

Stephanie Grayson

Robert O_edited.jpg

Robert O. Gurman

Tira Pic EDITED.jpg

Tira Harpaz


missy1 mono_edited.jpg

Melissa Huber*

Jesse L Kearney Jr..jpg

Jesse L. Kearney


JMa headshot2.jpg

Jason Ma

david m pic.jpg

David Milberg

Julie M pic.jpg

Julie L. Miller


Pete Mills Solo.jpg

Peter C. Mills*

Cara Reichel 2017 Headshot by Diane Phelan_edited.jpg

Cara Reichel*

Tony headshot 3.jpg

Tony Vallés*

*Founding Member

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