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Prospect Theater Company is based on the traditional homelands of the Lenape People, on the Island of Mannahatta.  For each of our productions, we work in a variety of spaces around the island.


We acknowledge the Lenape as the original people of the land who were forcefully removed during colonization, resulting in erased and excluded peoples and culture.


We are grateful for the opportunity to work on the land, and we honor the generations of Lenape people -- past, present and future -- for their stewardship and continuing connection to this land.

Prospect's work and community extends beyond New York City.  We hope that from wherever you are—you take a moment to to acknowledge and honor the native people whose lands you are on, and the history of the place you are in.  To learn more, please visit:

2021-5-16 tree tales-237  Tree with Hanging Stories_edited.jpg

Prospect's Tree Tales (2021) in Riverside Park. Photo by Lia Chang.

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