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March 16 - April 13, 2014

West End Theatre

Jasper in Deadland tells the story of 16-year-old Jasper, who journeys into the Afterlife to rescue his recently deceased best friend, Agnes.  But in this version of the hereafter – known as “Deadland,”  a hybrid of mythology, religion, and superstition – the dead forget Life…  And so, too, will Jasper, if he can’t get past the seven circles of Deadland, fearsome Cerberus, heavenly Beatrix, mysterious Mr. Lethe, and ultimately himself.  Can Jasper bring his best friend back from the dead, or will he join the dead forever?


music & lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver

book by Hunter Foster and Ryan Scott Oliver

Director - Brandon Ivie

Choreographer - Lorin Latarro


Andi Alhadeff, Ben Crawford, James Crichton, Matt Doyle, Leo Ash Evens, Danyel Fulton, F. Michael Haynie, John-Michael Lyles, Bonnie Milligan, ​Emily Rogers, Allison Scagliotti

Scenic Designer - Patrick Rizzotti
Costume Designer - Bobby Pearce
Lighting Designer - Herrick Goldman
Sound Designer - Ed Chapman


Jasper in Deadland - 2014
Jasper Poster
gods jasper.jpg

STREET SEEN, 2014 Musical Theater Lab

March 29 - April 7, 2014

West End Theatre

Explore a new landscape. Travel at lightening speed. Connect the past to the present. There are billions of images from the Google Street View Car available online, and each one is a door to an untold story. Join Prospect for an evening of eight short, original musicals inspired by images captured by the Google Car camera, and created by the sixteen writers in this year's musical theater lab.


curated by Dev Bondarin and Cara Reichel

directed by Dev Bondarin

music direction by Jeffrey Campos

production stage manager - Mackenzie Meeks

The 2014 lab features short original musicals written by Nathan Brisby and Lizzie Hagstedt, Ty Defoe and Tidtaya Sinutoke, Julia Gytri and Avi Amon, Anna Marquardt and Britt Bonney, Jason Purdy and Yan Li, Sharyn Rothstein and Cody Owen Stine, Jenny Stafford and Willem Oosthuysen, and Christina Quintana and Brett Macias.


Greg Horton, Victoria Huston-Elem, David PerlmanDiane PhelanLaura Beth Wells, Karl Josef Co, Barry Shafrin and Anthony Wills, Jr.

Lighting Designer - Zephan Ellenbogen
Set Designer - Patrick Rizotti


Street Seen - 2014
StreetSeen stage.PNG
street seen.jpg
street seen tilt.jpg


Nov. 9 - 30, 2014

The Duke on 42nd

The Underclassman is an original musical by Peter Mills and Cara Reichel which presents a fictionalized account of the college years of F. Scott Fitzgerald at Princeton and his first romance with debutante Ginevra King.  The show takes as inspiration both Fitzgerald’s own biography and his first novel, This Side of Paradise. 

“A blissful departure from the usual musical theater tropes . . . Smart and surprising.”

- San Diego Union Tribune

“Funny and true . . . expect to laugh a lot, weep a bit, and be totally swept up in an almost through-sung tale that’s told through expert language.” – San Diego Theatre Scene

“The songs blend various strains of pop and theater tradition with clever and sometimes sassy lyrics . . . a must-see for anyone who loves theater, loves music, and loves love.” – Pittsburgh City Paper


music and lyrics by Peter Mills

book by Mills and Cara Reichel

director - Cara Reichel

choreography by Christine O'Grady

music direction and orchestrations by Daniel Feyer


Matt Dengler, Jessica Grové, Billy Hepfinger, Piper Goodeve, Marrick Smith,  Jordan Bondurant, Elizabeth Burton, Jason Edward Cook, Ian Fairlee, Matt Gibson, Holland Grossman, Christopher Herr, Adam Machart,  Jeremy Morse, C.J. Pawlikowski, Davey Rosenberg, Michael Romeo Ruocco, Liz Shivener, and Whitney Winfield.

Scenic Designer - Ann Bartek
Costume Designer - Sidney Shannon
Lighting Designer - Brian Tovar
Sound Designer - Kevin Heard

Production Stage Manager -  Taylor Alyssa Marun


Video Highlights from The Underclassman

The Underclassman - 2014
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