rosalindProspect Theater Company’s goal is to connect communities of artists and audiences to each other and to theatrical history by re-interpreting classic plays and musicals, and to use these connections to collaboratively create new works. We strive to connect theater’s present to its past—in order to build its future.

While our productions are eclectic in genre and style, usually our work shares the following characteristics:

  • Heightened language:  whether it’s song lyrics, a classic verse play, or contemporary writing with a poetic feel.
  • Ensemble-based performance:  Prospect shows tend to have large casts and tell stories involving many characters.
  • Historical context:  a strong grounding in a specific period, or a contemporary writer in dialogue with a historic voice or style.
  • And, we use all elements of performance — text, music, movement, and design values — to fully create a theatrical world.

Pictured above:  Rosalind in As You Like It (1999), photo by Cara Reichel.
Below:  Yoshiro in Honor (2008), photo by Richard Termine.

Hang There, My Verse