Matt Doyle in \"The Swim\"

Matt Doyle in Jasper in Deadland (2014)
photo by Matthew Murphy

Prospect Theater Company is dedicated to a bright future for the American musical. We develop and produce new works, envisioned and implemented by emerging artists. Our artists work in diverse genres and styles but share an interest in re-inventing the art form of musical theater for the 21st Century.

Prospect creates educational and training opportunities, and sustains a supportive network within the field. We provide a forum for artists and audiences to connect and learn from each other, and we foster the work of a vibrant community of both emerging and established artists.

Through the stories we tell, many of which are inspired by history or classic works of literature, we strive to connect theater’s present to its past—in order to build its future. We value intelligent, thought-provoking work, which reverberates with history and resonates in the heart.